Cleaning and Maintenance Division

Al-Mina provides our clients a variety of service packages to suit their needs and preferences and provide on-going maintenance for commercial, retail and industrial environments and construction site cleanup by combining consistent service and flexibility with experience to meet all your needs.

  • Villa cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Interior windows cleaning
  • Deep kitchen cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • Vinyl flooring works

Cleaning And Maintenance Division

Villa cleaning

We have latest cleaning equipments to clean your villa's every corner in hygienic manner. We are aware of the health consequence that can be caused by cleaning products with harsh chemicals, Our cleaners are specifically instructed to use harmless chemicals and keep cleaning efforts environmentally friendly. We work with dedication to make your villas shine. At Al-Mina, we value customer satisfaction and quality service more.

Office cleaning

Office environments require dusting, vacuuming and trash removal since you spend a lot of time at the office every day. It will give you a pleasant feel when you get to work. Al-Mina provides commercial office cleaning services that make a good impression on employees and visitors.

Floor polishing

Expensive floral stones are not easily changeable, so, it is important that we take good care of our floors and get them polished regularly.

Carpet cleaning

Al-Mina is well trusted to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service. We guarantee quality carpet care with customer satisfaction. Our Highly-trained technicians and superior equipments delivers the best carpet cleaning service.

Vacuum cleaning

Life gets busy and people hardly get time to manage the house, various corners of the house start accumulating dust resulting in allergens and harmful bacterias. Al-Mina uses certified equipment that delivers the best cleaning results.

Interior windows cleaning

Our window cleaning technicians clean your interior windows using eco-friendly cleaning solutions with a variety of tools. So dirt and grime don’t become statically attracted to your windows.

Deep kitchen cleaning

Al-Mina's Deep Kitchen Cleaning Service wash and scrub all work surfaces like kitchen slab, stove, sink, chimney, etc.

Waste disposal

Al-Mina's waste disposal provides the industry leading disposal and recycling solutions for your business or residence.

Vinyl flooring works

Al-Mina's vinyl Flooring Works offers a vast array of design possibilities for you to create a beautiful floor. It offers the performance and durability needed for residential and commercial applications.